Internal Family Systems

Consultation & Supervision

I am a certified Internal Family Systems therapist and am on the IFS Institute’s International Approved Clinical Consultants list which means supervision hours spent with me will contribute to your certification. I specialise in providing IFS supervision and consultation to IFS therapists in Australia.

This can be provided:

IFS Consultation Australia - Clinical Psychologist

“IFS is a movement. A new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonising the mind and, thereby, larger human systems. One that can help people heal and which helps the world become a more compassionate place” – Richard Schwartz

My aim in providing individual and group IFS supervision is to create a space for you as a therapist to become more familiar with the principles of IFS in your practice. Additionally, because I am a Certified IFS therapist you will be able to claim a portion of your involvement with the group toward your own certification process as per the current certification guidelines**.

**Please check the IFS-I website for up to date details of the certification guidelines.

Involvement in group supervision or practice groups is also intended to provide therapists with the opportunity to:

IFS consultation & supervision groups – For Therapists

Open to all levels of IFS experience and those waiting to do Level 1 training.

Provides 5 x 2 hour sessions over 5 months (a total of 10 hours supervision). Groups are capped at ten participants and offer each participant the opportunity to present one case and receive feedback from the group. For the other nine presentations your considered and thoughtful feedback will form an important part of the group experience.

Internal Family Systems - Clinical Psychologist

I will support the group process which will provide an opportunity for therapists to discuss the case they are presenting and give details of how they might be stuck in using the model. I will provide my own perspective on the cases presented while drawing heavily on the existing expertise in the group. Sometimes the issues are around what the client brings to the session, and sometimes the issues are around what we as therapists bring to the session and the group will aim to be open to both those possibilities. Ultimately the energy of the group will be about connecting, encouraging, and bringing people together.

IFS group therapy – For clients

The aim in running this group is to provide a space focusing specifically on the principles of Internal Family Systems for clients. Our intention is to allow people to become more familiar with the Model and to learn how to use it in their lives on a day-to-day basis. We recommend that you are engaged with a GP or other health professional as part of your support team. We also encourage your own individual IFS therapy prior to or in conjunction with your involvement in this group.

The group runs for 10 x 2 hour sessions over ten weeks.

IFS Consultation Australia - Clinical Psychologist
The content will be exclusively based on IFS principles and will include but not necessarily be limited to:

Each week will be accompanied by readings which you can read before the group and there will be opportunities at the end of each session for further work to consolidate the gains you have made in session.

Self Led Sports (SLS)

Self Led Sports (SLS) is an elite psychologically oriented and sporting focused program based fundamentally on the principles of IFS. It is designed to provide high level guidance, mentoring, and leadership coaching to individual elite sports people, sporting organisations, and the collective sports administrative and executive staff who support them.

Self Led Sports utilises the processes of all parts are welcome, unblending, and unburdening, allowing the recipients to acknowledge, communicate, and interact with their different parts in a multi-dimensional way with a stance of curiosity, compassion, and clarity. In doing so, the participants in the process change their very relationship with themselves and those around them. Engagement in the SLS process is designed to develop greater acceptance, openness, and inner harmony which contributes to an overall improvement in all aspects of the elite sports person’s life.

Indeed, engaging in the SLS process and taking up the principles of IFS, fast tracks the recipient into a way of life which values diversity, openness, compassion, and authentic communication. It enables participants to engage in an inner dialogue which creates space for, and ultimately establishes the presence of a confident, calm, creative, and courageous internal leader (Self). When the system is in harmony and all parts are more connected and collaborating with one another, all aspects of life flourish allowing clinical, non-clinical, systemic, and individual issues to be acknowledged, communicated with openly, and ultimately addressed.

Internal Family Systems - Clinical Psychologist