IFS Offerings

IFS Group Supervision

My aim in setting up this group is to provide a space for you as a therapist to become more familiar with the principles of IFS in your practice. Additionally, because I am a Certified IFS therapist and an IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant you may be able to claim a portion of your involvement with the group toward your own certification process. If this is part of your motivation for joining the group – please check the IFS-I guidelines for certification which have changed recently. Involvement in this supervision group is also intended to provide therapists with the opportunity to: engage with like-minded therapists; access support around using the IFS model; and contribute to the establishment of a positive, supportive, and encouraging IFS community in Australia.

IFS Consultation Australia - Clinical Psychologist

IFS Group Consultation

I created a specialised IFS consultation group which is a variation on the IFS group supervision theme but with fewer participants and in particular an opportunity for therapists to work on their own parts.

IFS Workshops

The 6 F’s of IFS – Fundamental Building Blocks of the Model

Managing Protector Fears – A Fundamental Skill of the Model